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For 10 years, SSI has been delivering quality and cost effective training to organizations around the globe.  As part of our philosophy, we do not believe that all employees require the same skill set training and that a generic training program is not the solution. That is why we have created a diverse, customizable curriculum enabling organizations to choose only the competencies applicable to their business environment. Whether classroom or simulation based training, we give organizations the ability to “target the learning” for faster, more effective results.

We can reflect your organization's current employees, products, processes and methodologies so participants walk away with training they can truly apply back on-the-job. Your employees gain only the knowledge they need - how they need it.

Our team truly enjoys working with our clients to solve their business problems.  Our commitment and insight into the training world allows us to bring you the most cumulative learning experience.  We feature top quality instructors who are experts in their field, a development team with the highest educational standards and a group of others committed to bringing you quality, friendly service. Whether a small organization or a large corporation, SSI wants to help you solve your real world problems through mentoring, motivation and leadership.

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