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Project Management

This curriculum is for managers who possess limited project management experience in all areas. Learning how to apply tools and techniques is a critical skill set in business today.  Because project management encompasses many levels of experience, we’ve created courses from the junior manager up to more senior project managers.  Our courses focus on the needs facing companies today, providing them with the tools, skills and methods needed to manage projects more effectively. 


This curriculum is for those needing to increase their people/team leadership skills.  Organizations require highly trained individuals to lead and motivate employees to complete assignments on time and on budget with the highest quality.  Our courses focus on performance with proven, effective leadership tools and methods for increased quality, cost and productivity. 

Management Services

Instead of costly consulting that leaves you with suggestions rather than solutions, SSI offers its Management Services.  Working with your organization as a team, we teach you the tools and methods needed to attain timely project completion in your marketplace.  Our intensive planning and implementation sessions are customized to your organization so you see first hand how tools and methods are applied on YOUR projects.