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”I was quite pleased with the results when I reviewed my score sheet. It looks like SSI statistics regarding the correlation between the students score on the class final and the actual PMP® exam scores (+/- 7 points) came through yet again.”

- Roger

”The SSI cram sheet was extremely helpful. It served as a constant reference that allowed me to be confident of formula questions and as an aid in arriving at a best choice for those questions for which there were multiple correct answers. Thanks again for your help.”

- David

”I passed the exam. I finished the exam in less than 3 hrs. I used two passes and marked questions that were rather long and required extra time to pick out the important bits and understand exactly what the question was asking.

I thank you for your continued support following the boot camp. I will recommend the SSI exam cram boot camp strategy highly to my peers.”


“Now that I have gone through the exam I can say that the SSI class was extremely beneficial and I credit it with getting me certified. I used many of the techniques you recommended and the materials and test methodology you taught us in class helped me rationalize through some pretty tough questions.

Thanks again for all of your assistance”

- Mark

“There's no way I could have passed this test without the SSI boot camp and your teaching style made a difficult subject more enjoyable.”

Take care and thank you so much.

- Ellen