Make you more effective and productive

Virtual Leader

This business-skills computer simulation is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies and leading business schools as practice-ware for "rapid, significant and sustained performance improvement and business results."

This award winning program enables managers and students to become immediately more effective and productive in leading teams and working with others. With the Virtual Leader program, your managers can: - Benchmark - their leadership styles - Assess - their leadership skills, styles and strategies and tactics - Practice and Learn - new skills and behaviors until they become intuitive - Earn 12 Valuable PDU Credits upon completion!

Leadership In Action

magine that you lead a development team responsible for writing a new software application. Your team has most of the skills needed to complete the project, but they're going to need your help and leadership. You need to make sure your team has completed a high-quality application within six months, if not sooner.

Your success will be measured according to four attributes: project cost (measured in person-days), success meeting the goals you set for the team, your team's attitude during the project, and your ability to complete your personal tasks.